Saturday, November 28, 2015

Battle Suits

Painted up some main battle suits for the Ghar.  Only 6 more to go and with some outcasts recently ordered I will have a decent sized force ready to play.

Here is the group shot of the three solders making their way through some rubble.

I didn't like the way the hand to hand arm looked on the left side of the battle suits so I did a hand swap.  The cannons were re-positioned to make them look like they were mounted on the suits as opposed to being carried.

This guy here will probably be my squad leader.  Good luck on passing those leader rolls.  He needs to be in the fight to use that scour cannon to good effect.

Lastly the third member.  Ready to use his weapon to rid the galaxy of the C3.  Revenge game coming up soon.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Zombies Batch 4

I am now officially half way though the 64 zombies that my friends are making me paint before they will give me the rest of the game Zombicide for Christmas.  At least I am turning the corner!

Apparently this character was based off of the side kick to the show Breaking Bad.  I haven't seen the show, although I heard good things about it.  He better start shooting those guns or start climbing.

I figure I should start painting some t-shirt designs onto the big guy's shirt.  If I don't they will all start to look similar,

And lastly a nice artsy black and white shot.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Ghar Assault Squad

My gaming ADD must be kicking in.  Zombies for Zombicide, Infinity, Bolt Action, Frostgrave and now Beyond the Gates of Antares?!  I guess the good thing is they all offer something different.

I have to admit I really like these models.  They went together really well and with the ball socket joints I was able to re-position them to look how I wanted them to.

I cut this guys crab claw from its 90 degree angel and tried to re-position it to make it look like he was pointing instead.  The angle looks a bit funny on him, but I think he will do just fine.  It also looks like he kind of just landed from a jump.

I really like the airbrush for the glowy parts to this guy.  It really helped with the energy feel on his plasma reactor and the energy from his orange hand cannon looks decent.

I cut this guys crab claw apart and widened it a bit to to give the effect that he was about to snap someone in two.  With only one test game under their belt they never got into combat to use it.  Maybe now that they are painted they will perform better?
Of course I can only hope.  Last game one had his plasma reactor blow from a lucky shot causing his buddy's plasma reactor to overheat and blow sky high.  Then the remaining soldier fled.  Another warrior for the outcasts I suppose!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Volkstrum Part 2

The last batch of my Volkstrum have been finished up.  I can now field either two small units of 6 or a large squad of ten and a couple left over.  Either way I'll have plenty of panzerfaust to play with.

I really have liked the last levy box as each model really has a lot of character to them.  The outfits and the arm bands just add to the feel of a desperate last stand by a citizen militia.

I've been trying to use some glazes to add stubble or rosy cheeks.  I think I am getting the hang of how to do it.

I just like the look of this model tossing a Molotov cocktail.  The face is just perfect for it.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Michonne and her Walking Dead

Yesterday was Michael Douglas, today was Michonne from the Walking Dead.  I really didn't think I would have much hobby time today but the grandparents took the girls for a few hours so I ended up with some time to myself!  That was a pleasant surprise.

Anyway, I am pretty sure one of the survivors from the Zombicide game wasn't a blatant rip off of Michonne as the model had two pony tails and no dreads, but I do see a certain resemblance between the two.

Here Michonne went to find some ammunition, but had to dispatch these walkers with her trusty sword.

These three don't even stand a chance.

These two are quickly running to get slaughtered faster.  And yes, I did add hair to that fatty...

To date I have 24 zombies painted up and two survivors.  I decided to stage a zombie scene on my unused Infinity board from last Thursday.  I set it up Wednesday but then my friends all ditched me and I didn't have the heart to take it down.  Yes, I am trying to make them feel guilty about it!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Michael Douglas and Zombies

I went to work fairly quickly on the second batch of zombies and this time I added a survivor to the pile to make it a bit more interesting.  The more I looked at the survivor the more I kept thinking that I have seen him somewhere before.  Then it dawned on it.  It was Michael Douglas from the movie, "Falling Down."  What do you think?  A similarity?

I figure Mr. Douglas would not be easily trapped by zombies so he probably would have scampered up this car and then laid waste to these walkers with his dual sub-machine guns.

I didn't feature the zombies as much in these pictures as I now have 16 of them painted.  Seen one zombie, seen them all?  A little black and white love because of it.

Mr. Douglas better turn around or these three are going to sneak up on him.

And finally the last stand.  I figure I will use a predominant color on each batch of zombies.  The last group had a lot of blue.  This one has a lot of green.  Once the zombies are completed they will get mixed up and you won't notice the color coordination too much!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Soviet SMG squad

I have a decent sized WWII Soviet force for Bolt Action that I get to take out once every sixth month or so.  I consider it my permanent side project as this time period just seems to fascinate me.  Especially since in the Soviet Union and how the acted politically before and during WWII.  I had about 8 soldiers assembled with sub machine guns just sitting around waiting to be painted, so I took the plunge and painted up the last remaining soviet foot soldiers that I have!

The obligatory black and white shot.  Feel the time period!

I like the fact I can have a captured panzerfaust in this unit!  You never know when you will need one. 

I just realized that this guy on point isn't actually looking down the barrel of his sub machine.  Good thing it puts out a bunch of shots.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Moar Zombies!

James goaded me into starting to paint the horde O'zombies he and the guys got me for Christmas.  I was told I couldn't play Zombicide unless they were all painted up.  So I should start now on all 70 if I want to play soon.

I figure I can paint up 8 at a time as that is how they are in the sleeve from the box set.  This is my first batch of 8 completed.  I may add in a survivor to the next batch so I have a different looking model in the group.

My daughters helped me paint the two female zombies.  I "retouched" them after they went to bed.

I really like the character these models after they turned to zombies doing every day items such as going to work in their shirt and tie to- out for a stroll in their hoodie with their earbuds still in.

I liked the fattie model too.  I'm not going to want to see him too much though, as in the game if you draw a fattie, he comes with two walkers as well.  

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Walk of the Dead #1

I decided to try my hand at speed-painting some zombies today.  This is Cool-Mini-Or-Not's Walk of the Dead #1 box for Zombicide.  We're planning on playing Zombicide sometime after Christmas, so it'll be good to have some of these buggers ready to go.  

These aren't going to win any Golden Daemons (is that still a thing?) but it will get some decent-looking brain-eaters onto the table at a rate of about 8 zombies/hour.  These 24 took about 3 hours off and on, not counting the dry time for the washes.

Step 1: Get a nice flesh-tone going with 1:1 Slaanesh Gray and water.  I don't care, this paint's free. You can't take Slaanesh from me.

Step 2: Get a 1:1 coat of paint and water going on the rest of the parts of the models.  Mix up the color palette a little bit to keep some variety in that horde unless you're going for fashion zombies.

Step 3: The ultimate secret to painting dirty hordes quickly.  This works for orcs, zombies, probably skaven, too.  DROWN IT ALL IN BROWN WASH!

Step 4: Use red wash to create a blood-stained effect anywhere on the models you like and then put a dash of red paint here and there to represent even fresher staining.
Hit it with a coat of varnish and go invade the local mall!  (Those are those things we had before Amazon, kids.)