Monday, December 28, 2015

Azra'il with AP HMG

What an excellent model!  I thought the Azra'il with Feurbauch was awesome, but this is even better.

I did a much brighter highlight on the green armor than my first Azra'il.  Not sure if I want to try and reproduce this effect on my first one yet as I am sure to get over spray and do a lot of touching up.  But I do like the brighter armor look.

When we get back into Infinity I am certainly putting this bad boy in a list.  I could probably leave him alone holding down a flank all by himself.  Heck, I may even spare a doctor's pal bot just in case.

Next up for Haqqislam will be the Druze Shock Team.  I need a buch of mini Scarface to really make my QK sectorial look really thematic!  And then this guy tag teaming with the TAG will be awesome.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Antares Bridgehead Army List

For what will most likely be our last game of 2015, we're going to play the Bridgehead narrative scenario from the Beyond the Gates of Antares rulebook.  This will be our first time playing at 1000 points. Thanks for the reinforcements, Santa!

It's an attack/defense scenario in which the defender sets up half his army within 15" of the table center, representing a fortified position with a teleporter in the center.  Reinforcements are diced for each turn, beginning with turn 2 and they deploy from the center point.

The attacker, on the other hand, rolls in from a table edge.  He also starts with half his army and dices for reinforcements starting in turn 2.

The book recommends that anyone using Ghar be the attacker in this scenario, and Brendan agreed to be our aggressor without much goading at all.  Gulp.  That makes me the defender, with my heroic space commies...errr...Concord.

That said, I thought I'd post the army list that I've come up with so I can reflect back on it later and kick myself for what were probably grievous oversights.

Wave 1 consists of a couple of standard infantry squads that can start out all dug in and ready to fire.  They're supported by an X-Launcher team that can either fire off some grip ammo to slow down the Ghar advance or dump some pins on a squad of battle suits in order to throw them off balance early.  Having the light support drones in there at the beginning also provides some flexibility in that I'll be able to pepper some Outcasts or throw an extra pin onto an assault suit unit.

If you take a close look at wave 2, you'll see a theme.  It's everything in the list that's better about following orders.  The command unit and Kai Lek give me two infantry squads with Command 9, making it a little bit easier to bring them in as reinforcements than it would be for a normal Command 8 squad.  This scenario doesn't require probes to be set up at the start, so my medi-probes will also stay off-board; they automatically come on when requested, so I'm guaranteed at least one squad in turn 2.  Then we have the medium support drone.  It has Command 8, which is normal, but keeping it off-board for a turn gives me a better chance to do something useful with it instead of watching it explode in the first die-pull of the night. (As we all know...freshly painted units explode very easily!)

And that's that.  I've got some painting to do if it's going to look good by Wednesday.  And Brendan...if you read this before the game, you're morally obligated to send me your army list.
*Update - thanks for being such an upstanding gent!  See, kids?  It doesn't all have to be about cutthroat rules abuse.

1000 Points of C3 Ready to Deploy
Wave 1 (Start within 15" of table center)

Strike Squad 1: 112
  • Plasma Grenades: 10
  • Plasma Lance: 3
  • Spotter Drone: 10
  • Total: 135

Strike Squad 2: 112
  • Strike Squad 1: 112
  • Plasma Grenades: 10
  • Plasma Lance: 3
  • Spotter Drone: 10
  • Total: 135
X-Launcher Support Team: 40
  • Net Ammo: 5
  • Grip Ammo: 5
  • Batter Drone: 20
  • Spotter Drone: 10
  • Total: 80
Plasma Light Support Drones: 59
  • 2 add'l drones: 118
  • Spotter Drone: 10
  • Total: 187

Wave 2 (Reinforcements)

Strike Command: 110
  • 2 extra men: 44
  • Plasma Grenades: 10
  • Spotter: 10
  • Total: 174

Strike Squad 3: 112
  • Kai Lek: 21
  • Plasma Grenades: 10
  • Plasma Lance: 3
  • Total: 146
Medi Drones: 40

Plasma Medium Support Drone: 93
  • Spotter: 10
  • Total: 103

Army Points Total: 1,000 points

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I did a little refresher on my drones.  I was a bit lazy, moving the base size from 40mm to 55mm with the move to 3rd ed.  But I finally did it.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Ghar World Tour

James and I had our third game of Beyond the Gates of Antares with my Ghar bent on the destruction of his C3.  This time both sides were investigating a crashed probe (mission 6 of the rulebook).

The Battlefield:

 The Ghar would be coming on from the bottom of the battlefield while the Concord would attempt to secure the probe from the top.

The probe landed just left of the crater, but for picture purposes I thought it would look better in the scenery!

This would be a small 750 point engagement.  After all it would only take a small recon force to secure a probe.  What could possibly go wrong?

Turn 1
With the first pull of the dice the C3 ran onto the battlefield taking up firing positions and scouting the territory for potential trouble.

Fuzzy symbols appeared across several C3 troopers vid sets.  Checking their instruments they knew the Ghar must be nearby.  A disruption dice was pulled quickly followed by a Ghar dice.  I wasn't having this ruin my plans this early, so I used my "block" asset to put it back in the bag.  I was outnumbered 2-1 for dice so I knew that the Concord would be pulled next.  I was wrong and a Ghar battle squad had to be given a down order before it could arrive to investigate the probe.

Finally the assault squad ran on taking up positions behind some trees.  In another turn or two they could pounce on the probe and carry it back for inspection.

C3 sent on some infantry support in the form of the much feared X-launcher.  It fired grip ammo near the Ghar assault squad hoping to slow them down.  Unfortunately for the C3 this would disappear after turn one.  However the X-launcher was just warming up for an incredible night.

Turn 2
The X-launcher successfully landed grip ammo in front of the assault squad forcing them to make a choice.  Run toward the objective or the slow way around the ammo.  Then the Ghar battle suits communications started to flick to life as skitters came online speeding ahead of their Ghar masters.

More Ghar reinforcements started to arrive but these battle suits were too far away to strike their targets.

A freshly arrived C3 squad sprinted ahead using the cover of trees to give them advancing cover as they could see the probe just ahead of them.  However they ran a little too fast and took a pin from exhaustion.

 Recognizing the threat the nearest C3 team was going to be so close to the objective probe, the Ghar open fire with their disruptor cannons placing one pin on them hoping it would slow them down...

 ...and it did!  Disruption soon struck the C3 forcing the same squad to go down, preventing them from advancing for the objective.

Medi drones showed up for the C3, however 2 squads of the Concord would fail their command check this turn and not arrive.  Apparently the Ghar's presence had very much affected their communication.  No need to discuss why my Outcasts haven't arrived however...

The Ghar fire their disruptor cannons at the newst squad on the table.  They are unable to inflict casualties due to their amzing reflective armor, but two pins were added to the unit.

 In retaliation a C3 squad open fire on the assault squad adding a pin marker.

Turn 3
The Ghar kick in all their plasma reactors this turn hoping it will help swing the battle in their favor. To add insult to injury they use their "superior shard" asset and the C3 go down a dice! With extra dice in the bag, the first one is pulled by the Ghar.

The assault squad is forced to run around the grip ammo and take cover in the craters.  They desperately wanted to claim the objective this round but being large, they were unable to sprint and claim it.

The X-launcher took no pity on them opening up and launching net ammo causing 4 pins!
 Ghar battle squads advance into cover and open up on the nearest C3 squad closest to the objective.  With the assault squad essentially pined out of the game, they needed to slow down the C3.  Disruptor cannons added a couple more pins and took out a spotter drone, but the reflective armor and medi drones made sure no humans would perish.

Meanwhile, the assault squad being Mod 2 this turn attempt a rally orders until the dreaded disruptor dice was pulled on them.  No delusions of grandeur today.

Turn 4
The Ghar were able to keep 2 out of their 3 plasma generators alive and would proceed to put them to good use adding pins to the C3.  A new Concord unit was ordered up to support the group assigned to take the objective but a few blasts from disruptor cannons saw them heavily pinned.

Finally, the Ghar outcast and 2 C3 units passed their command roles to join the battle for the down probe.  The outcasts were a bunch of sniveling cowards.  What was the C3's excuse?

Turn 5
 The C3 assigned with the task of securing the objective, rushed between the battle and assault squad.  Both Ghar units had been shrugging off pins due to being mod 2 for the last 2 turns.  Was this a foolish mistake by the C3? Or a bold move to claim the objective before the potential last turn of the game?

With a dice pull the Ghar assault squad rallied.  This took their pins down to one and with a lucky pull from the bag, another ghar dice was taken out.  A second gamble was made and the assault squad passed their test.  After a follow up round of combat the assault squad consolidated with the objective back toward friendly battle lines.

The Concord needed to eliminate the threat and again netted the assault squad with 3 additional pins.  This would help prevent them from moving off the table. Their plasma reactors could only do so much.

 The brave outcasts agreed they would take the probe to safety...

 ...while the Ghar dropped as many pins on the Concord as possible.
 Turn 6
With the first order pulled the Outcast ran as fast as they could toward safety.  Something I bet they are good at.  If only they could sprint with the objective the game would have been won!

 The X-launcher was apparently having itself a game and netted the outcasts!

C3 units begin a second push to reclaim the probe.

 The supporting battle suits then offer supporting fire while they move into combat with the Outcast, claiming the Probe.  With no pins on them, if the game goes on for another round, they had a good chance of claiming the objective.
 Turn 7
The game continues for one last turn. The C3 do their best to advance and slow down the battle suit squad with the probe.

 But it was not to be.  The Ghar had won the day securing the probe.  Now to figure out what it had captured.

Overall a really fun and tense game.  For James I would certainly say the MVP for him was the X-launcher.  That weapons was just brutal to me causing a lot of pins. plasma reactors would be my MVP.  Being Mod 2 on my units for half the game allowed my assault squad to remove excess pins much faster than the C3 could put them on.  This really helped out when I passed a rally test with them and then could use another dice to assault.

A fun game was had and I'm sure a rematch will be in the works.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


I finally finished painting Alex's Christmas present.  Merry Christmas Alex.  Now use it responsibly against your friends and shelve it against me...

The white doesn't show up very well with the camera and the current lighting setup, but you get the idea!

Now go and use this super-jumping, spitfire toting, heavy flamethrower packing machine against those filthy Nomads and backwards Ariadna soldiers!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Zombies: Batch 5

Out of 8 potential batches of 8 zombies each, I am down to 24 zombies left to paint for the boardgame Zombicide.  I painted up Wanda as my survivor this round and I have to say she is probably the most characterful one of the bunch.  The roller skating waitress thing really did it for me.  I don't know what that says about me.

I went with a gray skin tone for these zombies to mix up the color palate a bit and to show some decomposition a bit more.  I'm thinking of a sickly green for the next batch.  Still not sure though.

Wanda is about to take out a big batch of zombies outside her roadside diner,

This customer apparently had plenty to eat.

I recently picked up the Frostgrave cultist sprue and did a couple of head swaps to break up all the repeats I have.  The heads were a bit big, so I don't think I'll use the sprue for anymore conversions.

Bonus Zombies!

Since I had arranged a scene for the 5th batch of zombies I thought I would put them all out on the table to see what a horde of zombies would look like.  With only four survivors painted, it looks like they better find a safer location to run to.

Finally a birds eye view. The remaining 24 zombies I have will really fill those empty spots up quite nicely.

Sunday, December 6, 2015


It has been awhile, but they finally released a Hunzakut with a rifle and light grenade launcher.  What is even better is that the model looks fantastic.  Now to ruin it it with my painting.

I like the fact that this model is an infiltrating, camouflaged, and if I want on, a specialist too!  It won't bother me that she has an irregular order as I will most likely use her every turn anyway.

Nothing says glamorous close up like a shot next to a dumpster.

A slightly different angle.  I also like the fact that she is deploying a repeater which will help out my hackers reach out and touch some heavy infantry downfield.  Now to figure out which faction do I want to play as.  My Haqqislam or my Morats this Thursday...