Sunday, February 28, 2016


I finally picked up the Gulam swc box set.  It had been out for about a year, but I didn't pick it up right away as I already had a hacker and an HMG so I never saw it as something that I needed in my force to fill any gaps.  I figured that it may be nice to have a missile launcher in my group as the only one I have are heavy rocket launchers.  Some explosive damage from a distance couldn't hurt right?

I went to paint them up and I decided to touch up some of my older Ghulam.  I picked these up when I first got into Infinity and were some of the best models I had ever painted at the time.  I thought that I should touch them up to ensure some color coordination from the group.  After all, they do form the bulk of the majority of my soldiers.

A little bit closer picture... I imagine they are on the lookout for some Shavasti outside of the city.

Here are two models that I will be phasing out.  The first is my original hacker.  I still like him and think he could serve well as a Najarun engineer.  Since I don't have one and I don't care for the current model.  New position for him!

Lastly I am happy to replace the old HMG model.  I knew it was fairly ugly, but not until I took him out again that I realize that he was pretty hideous.  They did a good job of updating the HMG model.

Next stop will be testing out my trusty line troopers on the battlefield.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


After working on some canopy for some 6mm war gaming, I had the idea that I could transfer the concept of the canopy to making some hedges/bocage for WWII or jungle type games.  At the same time I finished up some support pieces for my Germans in the form of an MMG team, a medic and a comms team.  Convenient timing for pictures.

Essentially the base of the bocage is mdf board cut to 6" long and 1.25" wide.  I then cut a half inch strip of foam insulation the same length and only a half inch wide.  I figured the moss would bulk it out a bit.  I was right for once!  Then it was glued together and I painted the foam black and the MDF brown.  I may go back and paint it green, you can see it peaking out in some of the pictures.  Green may blend it in better.  Lastly I took a bunch of moss that I purchased from Michael's and used a glue gun to stick the moss in place.

The moss is high enough that it fully covers a standing warlord figure.  Great for Normandy scenarios.  In total I have about 5' 6" worth of hedges.  I had another 6" piece of MDF cut out but it went missing from the cutting stage to the gluing stage.  I'm blaming the sticky fingers of a certain two year old.

I am pretty happy on how it looks.  I think it will look great along side a road or some farm land.  I think I'll also need to make a bunch more too as you can quickly use up 5' of hedges in a hurry!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Zombies: Batch...I've lost count...

Slowly, slowly I am chipping away at the horde of zombies I have been given for Christmas.  I can definitely tell that my painting of the zombies has gotten a bit sloppier, but I am willing to overlook that right now as the detailing should get lost in the pack.

Here our trusty sheriff defends the bar from some patrons who are little more than rowdy.

This zombie better watch his step.

I can't wait to get a game in with a fully painted set.  I have 16 zombies to go, an abomination and one last survivor!  They will have to wait until I paint up my last outcast squad however...