Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6 of 12

Tried a new painting technique on these cavalry models undercoating them white and then using different colored washes to set up the base of the model. Since I don't have a wide variety of washes, my color pallet was very limited to browns and blacks, but I think the horses came out very nicely. I did use normal paints on the models such as the red and some of the different color browns. I'm happy with the way they came out and now I have to finish the second set of 6 horse to add for a nice unit of 12.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pike and Shotte Unit Completed!

Yes it has been a long time with the fall soccer season starting up and that pretty demon prince model landing in my army which desperately needed to be painted up after getting its butt whooped by a lowly empire warrior priest. I moved back to some "real" fake models in the form of 12 muskets. In all they join my now completed unit for a total of 36 pike and shotte troops ready to kick the Royalists and Scottish booty.

Next up on the painting stand are some nice looking warhounds which should give my warriors of chaos army a much needed cheap speed boost to harass skirmishers and warmachines early in the game. I'm a bit tired of getting shot up, might as well have the dogs go take care of those problems so my warriors can take care of the killing...

After the warhounds I'll be assembling and painting 12 cavalry models to help support my pike and shotte unit. Nothing says bravery like a couple of pistol shots at point blank range to the face, and then cowardly galloping away.