Saturday, January 30, 2016

Now you see me, now you REALLY see me

I recently got a third Hafza model for Infinity, but the big difference is this one carries a spitfire!  I like the fact that they are fairly inexpensive game wise and can hide in plain sight as practically any model in the army.  Plus one option can be a specialist too for objective grabbing.

Since I was painting the spitfire model to match the two originals I owned, I figure I would update the color scheme on my other two hafzas while I had the paints out.

Below was the original paint scheme I had for them.  I thought they were a little too colorful.  The green and the red was very bright and I felt it competed a lot with each other.  Plus it made the Hafzas look like they were suppose to be played at Christmas time.

I updated the above model with some color swaps essentially removing 95% of the red and he looks much better in my opinion.

The same thing can be said with his buddy crouching down.  A little red removal went a long way!

The group together ready to surprise their enemies.  Now I just have to get a game in with them.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hitler Youth

When I picked up the Last Levy box, I did it because each model was just full of character.  I don't know how I feel about actually using models representing child soldiers yet, but the models themselves were fun to paint.

Here the youth come out of the cabin to defend the Fatherland.  Don't ask why there is snow on the roof of the building but nowhere else.  I don't have a non snowy cottage.  You can thank Frostgrave for that!

The party boss is a great model.  I don't know if I would use him as a Volkstrum squad leader or as a commander in some fall of Berlin games.  Either way he will find his way onto the tabletop!

These poor kids can't even look over the top of the fence yet.

Haven't played much Bolt Action in awhile.  Maybe in another month or two we will come back to it.  Either way, this completes my "last levy" box set and fills up the rest of my figure case with Germans.  I suppose that is a good problem to have.
 Now to put together that Tiger tank I got for Christmas.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cobra Commander

Hassle free made a Cobra Commander model and when my friend said he was placing an order, I had to piggyback off of it and pick up the greatest bad guy commander of all time.  At least during my childhood that is!

I went with the pasty blue color of the television cartoon of the 80's which is what I loved as opposed to the dark blue he traditionally wears.

As you can tell, my free hand on that Cobra emblem needs improving, but it won't get any better than that for quite sometime.

He could make for a fun HVT for Infinity or even a commander for my Germans in Bolt Action.  Just once in awhile.  If I'm feeling silly.  Or had too much to drink...

Sunday, January 10, 2016

All in the Druze Family

The Druze Shock Team 

I've always liked the look of these guys and being mercenaries that will work for my QK, I new I wanted to pick them up at some point.  Before that happened I went and purchased Scarface; a big giant Druze.  I then knew I had to get the bunch.

There was some art back in one of the Infinity books where a bunch of mercenaries were about to kick in a door.  I thought I would try and replicate it in my pictures.  Then the first Infinity art book came out with small prints and one of them was the Druze assaulting a building which just looked awesome.

I'm now trying hard to create a good list featuring the Druze in a QK list for my next game, just because they look so good.

Go get them boys!