Saturday, September 11, 2010

Musketeers from the Highlands

Eight more Covenanter musketeers have joined the fray. That brings the running total to 12 complete. Next up is some pike to round out the unit.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pike at the Ready

I finished off a group of 12 pike plus command. This now completes 2/3 of my infantry block as 12 of my muskets were completed last month. The pike came out ok, and I think the flag will look fine on the battlefield. The washes have certainly sped up the painting process for these guys and the addition of green wash over the sashes really show off the folds nicely. I didn't do any final highlighting on these guys like with my other armies, but I figure once the army is complete I can go back and touch up the models later. I'm thinking that with the next musket group painted up they will look quite nice altogether.

Next up on the painting table are two models for my Warriors of Chaos. When they are done I'll go back and finish off the last of the Pike and Shotte regiment and then move on to cavalry! Of course, I have to assemble them first, but all in good time.