Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer Time Table Project

Last year I made a Frostgrave board during the summer to keep me thinking about staying cool.  This summer I'm going desert to remind me it's hot outside!

Stashed away in different corners of my basement I have terrain to play in jungles, in a city, in a the mountains and I even have terrain to play in the interior of a building.  I have begun to feel like my boards have become a little stale for Infinity, so I wanted to mix it up with something that looks very different than the terrain I currently own.  After a lot of online searches I settled on the "New Bourak" line by Plastcraft games.  I had seen a few pictures of what a decked out table would look like, and I really liked it!

I used the following photo to help me figure out what pieces I would need to recreate this table and to price out the costs.  Once that was done it was up to my credit card to do the rest.

A week later all the pieces I would need arrived in the mail.  I was excited, but receiving so many pieces was also a bit overwhelming.  I decided that during Maddy's nap time I would try and put together one building section together per day.  This made the process much more manageable!

After one week I have the following assembled.  I tried to set it up similar to my inspiration from above so you an see how it is shaping up.

I have one more box of walls to complete which should enclose the compound.  I made sure to leave everything unattached as I wouldn't want to play on the same table again and again.  But for photo purposes I'll try and leave the buildings in the same spot!

The box buildings that flank the compound were really easy to assemble.  Especially after I had to curve the plastic pieces in certain areas in order to assemble the Bourak buildings.  That was certainly time consuming.

Lastly, I have a size shot with a Govad waiting to be painted.  I believe he is 3rd in the que to see some love.

Next week there will be less hobby action as I am going with the family to DC.  Still I should be able to finish assembling the rest of the buildings!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Late War Grenadiers

Slowly getting my way through the late war plastic German set from Warlord.  The models look great although it takes a bit more time to paint since they aren't all in gray.

I do love a good panzerfaust  Just wait right here until that Sherman gets a little closer!

The camo pattern feels a bit flat to me, but it is just dark brown and green splotches.  So I guess it works!

I still need to figure out a good recipe for their skin tone.  It still looks too yellow to my eyes.  I'll have to purchase a few different colors and experiment in the future.

I like this picture here.  The squad looks like they are all gearing up for an assault or to repeal an attack.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Last update for a bit.  I can get a lot of hobby time in when I'm on vacation!  I finished up the Soviet Katyusha.

This model took a lot of cleaning to remove flashing and mold lines.  Especially on the resin rungs the rockets are fired from.  That felt like I would never finish scraping.

 I got a bit sick of sticking my WWII models in the woods, so maybe a bombed out village would be a nice setting for this scene?  I can see this guy hiding here from enemy planes.

 I like the face on this Soviet.  I applied a red wash on his nose and it came out looking pretty nice.  I feel like I am getting a bit better with the skin tones now.  It only took me about 20 years...

Friday, April 29, 2016

Zombies Batch 8

Almost done!  I only have 8 more zombies and one more survivor to go!

 I don't have many close ups as I have really given up on the quality of paint job with these guys.  They'll just blend into the background anyway!

I am happy with the Abomination model and I think he will look fairly decent when he comes  out onto the board.  I like the little touches like the ipod on his belt and the camera around his neck like a tourist who was in the wrong pace at the wrong time.
I don't know when I'll have the motivation to tackle the last batch, but I'm shocked I've made it this far.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I have been looking forward to painting this beast.  Ever since I saw the movie Saving Private Ryan such a long time ago I have the image of one America soldier yelling at the top of his lungs, "Tiger tank!" engraved in my head.  Now I want to watch that movie again...

The tank is very massive compared to the earlier German vehicles that I have assembled which I'm sure will have a nice intimidating presence on the field of battle.

Bolt Action version 2 will be coming out in the fall and I hope it will become more usable as we typically play with about 100 points.  But even if it never sees our tabletop battleground it was fun to paint and add to my collection.

I figure a few late war German soldiers would help to show the size of the vehicle and give the pictures a bit of life!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Zis 3

 Finished up my ZiS 3 tank for my Soviets.   I like the way is came out and it gives me some nice needed anti-tank and anti-infantry support.

 It has been awhile since I posted as I am working on a secret army project for Infinity.  But since I know most of the guys I play Infinity don't frequent this blog, I am safe from them knowing that!

 I kind of like this black and white picture.  It works out well too because the guys behind the gun were a bit blurry.

Lastly, I tried a few washing techniques to pick up some red cheeks on the loader and a 5 O'Clock shadow with the man with  the crates.  I think I am getting better with it.  Hopefully I'll have a Tiger and a Katyusha up soon as well.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


I finally picked up the Gulam swc box set.  It had been out for about a year, but I didn't pick it up right away as I already had a hacker and an HMG so I never saw it as something that I needed in my force to fill any gaps.  I figured that it may be nice to have a missile launcher in my group as the only one I have are heavy rocket launchers.  Some explosive damage from a distance couldn't hurt right?

I went to paint them up and I decided to touch up some of my older Ghulam.  I picked these up when I first got into Infinity and were some of the best models I had ever painted at the time.  I thought that I should touch them up to ensure some color coordination from the group.  After all, they do form the bulk of the majority of my soldiers.

A little bit closer picture... I imagine they are on the lookout for some Shavasti outside of the city.

Here are two models that I will be phasing out.  The first is my original hacker.  I still like him and think he could serve well as a Najarun engineer.  Since I don't have one and I don't care for the current model.  New position for him!

Lastly I am happy to replace the old HMG model.  I knew it was fairly ugly, but not until I took him out again that I realize that he was pretty hideous.  They did a good job of updating the HMG model.

Next stop will be testing out my trusty line troopers on the battlefield.