Sunday, February 28, 2016


I finally picked up the Gulam swc box set.  It had been out for about a year, but I didn't pick it up right away as I already had a hacker and an HMG so I never saw it as something that I needed in my force to fill any gaps.  I figured that it may be nice to have a missile launcher in my group as the only one I have are heavy rocket launchers.  Some explosive damage from a distance couldn't hurt right?

I went to paint them up and I decided to touch up some of my older Ghulam.  I picked these up when I first got into Infinity and were some of the best models I had ever painted at the time.  I thought that I should touch them up to ensure some color coordination from the group.  After all, they do form the bulk of the majority of my soldiers.

A little bit closer picture... I imagine they are on the lookout for some Shavasti outside of the city.

Here are two models that I will be phasing out.  The first is my original hacker.  I still like him and think he could serve well as a Najarun engineer.  Since I don't have one and I don't care for the current model.  New position for him!

Lastly I am happy to replace the old HMG model.  I knew it was fairly ugly, but not until I took him out again that I realize that he was pretty hideous.  They did a good job of updating the HMG model.

Next stop will be testing out my trusty line troopers on the battlefield.

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