Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer Time Table Project

Last year I made a Frostgrave board during the summer to keep me thinking about staying cool.  This summer I'm going desert to remind me it's hot outside!

Stashed away in different corners of my basement I have terrain to play in jungles, in a city, in a the mountains and I even have terrain to play in the interior of a building.  I have begun to feel like my boards have become a little stale for Infinity, so I wanted to mix it up with something that looks very different than the terrain I currently own.  After a lot of online searches I settled on the "New Bourak" line by Plastcraft games.  I had seen a few pictures of what a decked out table would look like, and I really liked it!

I used the following photo to help me figure out what pieces I would need to recreate this table and to price out the costs.  Once that was done it was up to my credit card to do the rest.

A week later all the pieces I would need arrived in the mail.  I was excited, but receiving so many pieces was also a bit overwhelming.  I decided that during Maddy's nap time I would try and put together one building section together per day.  This made the process much more manageable!

After one week I have the following assembled.  I tried to set it up similar to my inspiration from above so you an see how it is shaping up.

I have one more box of walls to complete which should enclose the compound.  I made sure to leave everything unattached as I wouldn't want to play on the same table again and again.  But for photo purposes I'll try and leave the buildings in the same spot!

The box buildings that flank the compound were really easy to assemble.  Especially after I had to curve the plastic pieces in certain areas in order to assemble the Bourak buildings.  That was certainly time consuming.

Lastly, I have a size shot with a Govad waiting to be painted.  I believe he is 3rd in the que to see some love.

Next week there will be less hobby action as I am going with the family to DC.  Still I should be able to finish assembling the rest of the buildings!

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