Sunday, February 14, 2016


After working on some canopy for some 6mm war gaming, I had the idea that I could transfer the concept of the canopy to making some hedges/bocage for WWII or jungle type games.  At the same time I finished up some support pieces for my Germans in the form of an MMG team, a medic and a comms team.  Convenient timing for pictures.

Essentially the base of the bocage is mdf board cut to 6" long and 1.25" wide.  I then cut a half inch strip of foam insulation the same length and only a half inch wide.  I figured the moss would bulk it out a bit.  I was right for once!  Then it was glued together and I painted the foam black and the MDF brown.  I may go back and paint it green, you can see it peaking out in some of the pictures.  Green may blend it in better.  Lastly I took a bunch of moss that I purchased from Michael's and used a glue gun to stick the moss in place.

The moss is high enough that it fully covers a standing warlord figure.  Great for Normandy scenarios.  In total I have about 5' 6" worth of hedges.  I had another 6" piece of MDF cut out but it went missing from the cutting stage to the gluing stage.  I'm blaming the sticky fingers of a certain two year old.

I am pretty happy on how it looks.  I think it will look great along side a road or some farm land.  I think I'll also need to make a bunch more too as you can quickly use up 5' of hedges in a hurry!

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